Masturbation Month – S3:E7

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What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Cory Chase is feeling way too horny to join her swap family for ice cream. She sends her swap hubby, Quinton James, and their swap kids, Chloe Temple and Tyler Nixon, off without her. As soon as Cory is alone, she heels off her outer clothes until she’s down to just her demi bra and thong. Squeezing those big boobs and finger banging her greedy snatch isn’t enough for Cory. She winds up grabbing a dildo and going to town on her cock craving fuck hole. Cory is having the time of her life when her swap family arrives home! Embarrassed, she jumps behind the couch to hide.The rest of the swap fam is confused when they see Cory’s clothes but no Cory, but they don’t sweat it too much before settling in to watch some TV. Cory knows she’s going to be stuck behind the couch for a while, so she goes back to masturbating. Her pussy party is interrupted when Chloe gets up from the couch to get a drink and sees what her swap mom is doing. Chloe is immediately into the idea, so she joins Cory and takes her own spin on the big dildo. As the girls get more and more into their mutual masturbation adventure, they begin making a level of noise that the guys can’t help but hear. They go to investigate and find the swap mommy and daughter mostly naked and so very fucking horny.Faced with the choice of stopping or getting the guys to help them out, Chloe and Cory choose dicks! Chloe goes for Tyler’s cock while Cory whips out Quinton’s. The girls make sure their chosen partners are both nice and hard with dual blowjobs, but as quickly as they can they get the guys on their asses so they can both hop aboard for stiffie rides. Chloe and Cory kick start the family orgy in reverse cowgirl riding Tyler and Quinton, respectively. When they want to swap to cowgirl, the girls also switch partners. Chloe goes back to Tyler and Cory goes back to Quinton as the girls lay on their backs side by side and each lift a leg high in the air to invite their partner back inside. Swapping spots (and partners!) one last time, Cory and Chloe take it in doggy until Quinton delivers a big creampie to Chloe and Tyler gives Cory the same treatment. The girls are in total agreement that their swap family’s cocks are much better than masturbating with a toy.

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