Valentine Swapping – S8:E8

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What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Sera Ryder is looking hot for her Valentine’s Day date. It turns out that her date is swap daddy Clarke Kent. Both Penny Barber and her swap son Ricky Spanish are unhappy with that arrangement, so Penny insists that Ricky will be taking her out.Ricky goes to get dressed up, but Penny returns in some sexy lingerie. She doesn’t want to go out after all; she wants to fuck her swap son. Penny has just transitioned from blowing Ricky to riding him in reverse cowgirl when Sera and Clarke walk in on them. Clarke is a bit taken aback, but Sera is eager to take Penny’s invite to join in. Soon she has her swap daddy’s dick out to suck him off while Penny keeps on riding Ricky.Penny and Ricky transition into a sexy 69 as Sera sits Clarke down so she can climb aboard for a reverse cowgirl stiffie ride. Then Penny gets to enjoy Clarke’s charms as he dicks her down in doggy while Ricky gives his swapsis a good pussy pounding. On her side, Penny continues to moan in delight as Clarke spoons her. Sera climbs onto Ricky’s lap so she can do him in cowgirl. Knowing the guys are close to the finish line, they switch back to their original partners so Ricky can creampie Penny on her back and Clarke can give Sera a pussy full of cum in doggy.


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