Youll Shoot Your Eye Out – S8:E6

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What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Anya Olsen and her swap husband Clarke Kent and her swap son Jimmy Michaels are dressed for the holiday. They are ready to sing some carols, but swap daughter Xxlayna is missing. When she walks in, it’s naked except for a thong and some flashing lights wrapped around her body. Jimmy and Clarke can’t take their eyes off her. Xxlayna wants dick, but Anya is having none of it.When Anya pushes Xxlayna into her spot between the two guys to start singing carols, Xxlayna drops to her knees and pops both stiffies out to stroke. Anya is pissed and takes Clarke and Jimmy out of the room. Later that day, Xxlayna puts a Christmas tag on Clarke’s hardon and announces she got dick for Christmas. She does the same for Jimmy. Pissed, Anya storms away leaving the horny threesome to go for it. Xxlayna can’t get enough sucking and stroking, and when Anya eventually returns to the room she invites her swap mom in.Anya takes Jimmy’s dick and Clarke lets Xxlayna keep up her good work. The girls get on their knees so Anya can get a dicking down from Jimmy while Clarke does the same for Xxlayna. Then the girls switch partners to let Anya ride Clarke and Xxlayna ride Jimmy, both in reverse cowgirl. Returning to their original partners, Xxlayna gets on her back so Clarke can give it to her and Jimmy fucks his swap mommy in the same position. Anya eventually gets on her knees to rub Xxlayna’s clit, leaving Jimmy to bang her one last time in doggy. When the guys pull out, Anya jerks them both on to give their swap daughter a nice double facial.


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