Your Father Wont Mind – S5:E1

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Slimthick Vic is trying to oil up with suntan lotion so she can go sunbathe in her bikini. She calls her stepson Jayrock in to help her get her back since her shoulder is bothering her. Jayrock is uncomfortable seeing his bigtit stepmommy half naked, but Vic tells him he’ll have to get used to it since she lives there now. Handing Jayrock the bottle, Vic lays on her belly and undoes the string on her bathing suit so Jayrock can drip the oil on and get her back and big ass down to her legs.Jayrock pays a lot of attention to his stepmother’s ass, and eventually Vic realizes that Jayrock has a boner. She tells him that she and his dad are swingers and that she’s always wondered what Jayrock’s dick is like. Popping out her boobies, Vic jiggles them to entice Jayrock to let her see the D. She drops to her knees to pop that big one out of Jayrock’s shorts, and then doesn’t give him time to protest before her hands and mouth are all over that cock. Practically before Jayrock knows what’s happening he’s on his back in bed with his hot stepmommy sucking his dick and balls like she’s a cock vacuum.Vic isn’t about to stop there now that she has such a nice erection to play with. She climbs between Jayrock’s thighs and then sinks down in reverse cowgirl so she can ride him as he admires the jiggle of that booty. Turning around, Vic goes at it in cowgirl and then spins again to get back into her original position. That makes it easy for Vic to transition to her hands and knees so Jayrock can bang her in doggy as he admires that oiled down bottom. He even shoves his thumb into Vic’s ass to really double down on her pleasure! Rolling onto her back, Vic spreads herself wide open so Jayrock can finish her off one last time before pulling out to nut all over her stomach.

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