Stick what up my ass?

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How come you always give me the biggest guys? Stephanie Stalls said to me while she was waiting for her next big guy to fill her ass for the first time on-camera. She was smiling, as usual, and by biggest guys, she wasn’t talking about their height or weight. She was talking about their cock size. Because we know you can handle it, I told her. And because you deserve it. Thanks, Stephanie said, and then she went back to doing what she was doing, which was getting her tight asshole ready for dick. She was doing that by using what some people call a butt plug and what we call an ass stretcher. Early in this scene, Juan is working her asshole with a dildo, and he says, My cock is the same size as this. Stephanie laughs and says, It’s a little bigger, but I think I can take it. And she does, like a pro, which she isn’t. Stephanie is not a porn star. Well, she is for us, but we’re the only studio she has ever shot for, and we’re proud of that. Anyway, like I said, this is Stephanie’s first anal scene, and she does take it, very well. Hard and deep. We knew she could.

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