Kimi’s first hardcore

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Kimi likes what she sees. She’s looking for a place to live and thinks she’s found the right spot. Tom, her salesman, definitely likes what he sees. Kimi is wearing a short dress and stockings, and she’s also displaying plenty of cleavage. She takes a closer look. He takes a much closer look. You are beautiful, he says matter-of-factly, but the price is not right for Kimi. Too much, she says as she starts to touch herself. Will that get the price down? Who knows, but it definitely gets Tom’s cock up. Before long, they’ve put aside those boring real estate catalogs and gotten down to the real business at hand: getting off. Kimi is a 48-year-old divorcee and mom from Ukraine who lives in Prague, Czech Republic. I am a MILF, she said. Damn right she is! Favorite position: cowgirl. Pussy: hairy. Tits: natural and big. They hang nicely. Youngest guy she’s had sex with: 19. I was shocked when he told me. Hey, fuck first, ask questions later.


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