Goin’ Greek-style

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Watching slim and super-busty Sandra Star worship the wood is a great experience. In this scene, Sandra is shown in award-winning, extreme close-up sucking and licking Matt’s nuts. Sandra creates a popping sound from her suction and makes moaning pleasure sounds as she orals him into hooter heaven. Then it’s tit for tat and Sandra’s turn to get head. She spreads her legs wide and moves her panties to the side so her slick pussy can receive a tonguing. Her pussy wet, Sandra is ready for the first injection of Matt’s hot poker. Our Miss Hot SCORE winner has a reputation for lovin’ a big dick in her tight, sexy ass. It’s always a pleasure to see the blonde beauty going Greek. After they have fucked some more and Sandra has tit-fucked his cock-a must with hooters like Sandra’s-she is ready for her butthole to be moistened and spread for an ass invasion. A sizzling anal fuck follows, just the way Sandra Star loves it.


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