Where the Fuck’s the G Spot? Featuring Anal Queen Catalina


Six guys, five girls, four facials, three anals, one double anal, and one hell of a good time! The mythical G spot. It’s a woman’s most sexually sensitive place and it’s located, it’s near her, it’s up around, damn! The producers at Sin City don’t know where it is, and that’s why they made this movie. To educate ourselves, to learn just what pushes a woman’s buttons the best, and, most of all, how to find the elusive thing! They put a bunch of porn’s most overactive sluts to the challenge and asked, no, begged them to show us how it works. So they stripped down to nothing, spread their legs and guided a cock or two up their cooch and stirred it around until, voila! A G spot orgasm! You may still not know where the G spot is exactly after watching this, but it sure is fun trying to learn about it!

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