Tanya Virago Likes it Like That

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Dressed to kill in lingerie befitting an erotic seductress, maker of hard wood Tanya Virago waits in bed for Tom Holland. Tanya totally eye-bangs Tom as he admires this fantasy femme’s sleek physique, beautiful face and massive bimbo tits. On her hands and knees, Tanya takes his cock in her soft hand and prepares to worship it with her sensuous mouth. She gets on her side to swallow more of his thick meat. She has a look of joy when she jerks his shaft fresh out of her mouth. Then she leans back so Tom can fuck her jutting tits. Tanya spreads her long legs wide, ready for Tom to wedge his dick into her tight, pierced lady-hole. Between positions, Tanya takes Tom back in her throat and sucks deeply. They passionately kiss often, something rarely seen in porn. SCORELAND: Would you say that your sex drive has magnified since you began doing porn? Tanya Virago: Great question. Yes, definitely yes. At first, you don’t even notice it, but after a while you begin to understand that these changes improve life, make it brighter. SCORELAND: What kind of role-playing sex do you personally enjoy? Tanya Virago: For me personally, the sexiest role is that of a sexy, slightly depraved and always horny wife or girl who knows exactly what she wants. SCORELAND: Are there any female performers you’d like to do a girl-girl or boy-girl-girl scene with? Tanya Virago: Of course there are. I would love to work with such stars as Barbie Nicole, Katy Ann and Victoria Lobov.

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