SCORELAND Archive: Sexy Skye

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Cameron Skye is feeling herself tonight. She rubs her big boobs through her brassiere and sticks her hand down her panties, rubbing her moistening cookie. She sits on the edge of the bed and bounces up and down. Tossing off her bra, Cameron begins bouncing again. Her tits slap together as they bounce wildly and make that familiar breast flesh sound every tit-man loves to hear. Cameron is an active girl, always working out, and it shows by how long she can keep bouncing. The bed is practically a trampoline. Removing her panties and leaving on her black stockings, Cameron turns to the camera and opens her legs spread-eagle. Her tits splay, nipples pointing to the sky. Cameron’s pussy is shaved smooth. She spreads her lips apart with both hands so we can see her deep pink. Then she begins to slowly rub her lips, sticking her fingers inside as waves of pleasure begin to build up. As Cameron masturbates and the room gets steamy, she talks about how tight her pussy is and how it likes to grip things. This blonde newcomer must be great at phone sex. She likes to taste her own pussy and sticks her fingers in her mouth to suck as she rubs one out. Girls who taste their own pussy juices when they’re getting off get an extra gold star.


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