Room Service for Kim Beltran

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Kim Beltran is in her hotel room when there’s a knock at the door. It’s the room service guy with her drink. How many room service waiters in this hotel got into a shoving match over who was going to deliver Kim’s order? Conor is eager to be the waiter to service Kim in every way. Do you need anything else? Conor asks. Do you have something for me? Kim replies looking him up and down. There’s no mistaking that tone in her voice and look in her eyes. What else would you like? Conor wants to know. Kim is point blank and bumps her boobs against his chest. From you? Everything! Kim and Conor start making out. The staff in this hotel are extremely attentive to the needs of their female guests, if they’re hot-looking with huge tits. Conor lies back and lets Kim get a grip on his dick. She fills her throat with his meat and lustily sucks it. Before she sits on his cock and rides it, she licks and sucks it hands-free. Conor fills his hands with Kim’s heavy, natural boobs as he fucks her pussy. This is one job he’ll never quit. The perks are too good.

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