Patty Michova: Playing With Myself

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Like Sandra Star, Patty Michova made her return to SCORELAND after several years. She was a black-haired fox when she last appeared in SCORE magazine (October 2018). Now she’s back, blonde and as hot as ever. Starting off this video wearing a cleavage-exposing top and cut-off shorts, Patty fondles and jiggles her big tits and butt cheeks. She lubes her pussy and pounds her pink with one of her cock-shaped dongs. Fit, trim, slim and shapely Patty spends a lot of her time at the gym or working out at home. She masturbates often, tries to have sex four or more times a week and likes to have her pussy licked good and long. I like some foreplay, some kissing, but not a lot. And I have not one favorite position, I have many favorites. Patty is a fan of The Simpsons and her favorite character is Homer. The show is translated in the Czech language in Slovakia.


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