One Night in Bangkok

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Tell me how much you like surprises, Jessica whispers seductively. We fuckin’ love them, girl, especially when the surprise is a thick piece of Asian booty that’s beggin’ to be worked. Asian chicks usually don’t rock all that junk in the trunk, but Jessica Bangkok is the exception. And in case y’all were wondering, yes, she loves to bang cock day and night. That’s why we dropped off our dude Asante to handle this big-bootied Asian sensation. What you got in here for me? he says as he lifts up her tight, red dress. What she has is exactly what dudes like him go anywhere for. Asante teases Jessica with some ass-worshipping that makes her squeal like a schoolgirl. Then he takes her thong off and eats her ass and pussy from the back. This tasty Asian dish doesn’t need a drop of soy sauce to be fuckin’ delicious. Jessica loves to suck cock, too. And she ain’t an amateur. She goes down on Asante’s big, black cock with vigor. This hot mama has no gag reflex. But, like we said, Jessica loves to bang cocks. She hops on top of Asante and pops her pussy on his cock. Oh, god, you’re so deep, she says. Oh, you love that pussy, huh? It’s so good. You love that pussy wrapped around your cock. Of course, he does. And he’s not done with her pussy yet, either. He flips her onto her side and beats her pussy up from the side. Oh, you fuck that pussy so good, Jessica moans. After a few moments, she lets out a huge orgasm. But Jessica isn’t done yet. She hops onto our boy reverse-cowgirl and then gets her pussy banged out doggy style. Oh, god, you make me cum so hard! she says as she has another massive orgasm. Cum on my ass. When you’re fucking pussy this good, you don’t need to be told twice. Asante unleashes a huge load onto her ass. Jessica, being the cock-loving slut that she is, cleans her ass off with her hand and swallows it all. It tastes so good, she giggles.

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