Melody Mynx Meets The Teacher of the Rear

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Dedicated teacher Peter Fitzwell meets with the mother of one of his students to discuss her son’s academic study habits. He could have met Melody Mynx at the school after class but she feels they can work on resolving her son’s issues if he comes to her home. Mr. Fitzwell agrees, despite his reservations. Eying him up and down like a piece of meat, Mrs. Mynx, a slim, busty brunette, offers to come to a solution that will be satisfying for both of them. She takes him into her bedroom to lay it all out for him. He gets her message but declines the invitation to her bed. He’s not the kind of teacher that the public sees in a scandalous story on the television news. Having put on a sexy dress and fuck shoes to show off her charms just for this meeting, Melody practically throws herself at him but that’s not working on this Teacher of the Year. Her next attempt while they’re talking by the bed is to offer him exclusive access to her backdoor. Maybe he’d like to be her Teacher of the Rear and she can accomplish her plan under him. Offering Mr. Fitzwell her ass is the dealmaker. She gets on the bed and shows him her furry pussy in her pearl-string thong panties and turns around to let him inspect her ass cheeks. Mr. Fiitzwell caves in…his steely resolve collapses. She shows him her big natural mom tits and unzips his fly. Taking his large dick out, Melody hungrily sucks him, giving him plenty of horny eye contact and seductive smiles. He strips off her dress and buries his pole in her cunt. The size of his cock makes Melody gasp and her breathing gets even deeper when he plunges deep into her asshole. She spreads her pussy lips with her fingers so he can admire her pink hole as he bones her butt. They may need to have more meetings. When a teacher and a parent come together like this, a lot can be accomplished.

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