Liza Loves Anal

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We don’t throw the word perfection around here lightly. When we say it, we mean it. And this super-duper-stacked JJ-cupper IS perfection. Said member buntl1: WOW!!! What a woman – LIZA you are the total package, like totally amazing bounteous fine boobs, with target areolas and naughty nipples, luscious thighs, nice belly, taut snug pussy, wonder butt, and kissy lips. Thanks for sharing your natural gifts with the world!! Our friend Tony DeSergio is the lucky fellow who gets to fuck Liza’s pussy and ass today. He quietly sidles into Liza’s bedroom as she’s getting dressed. When she notices him, Liza smiles and invites him into the room. When you’re in a room with a girl like Liza, tits nearly falling out of her over-matched crop-top and bra, she isn’t going to stay dressed for very long. I’m being bad right now, Tony says as he caresses her boobs. I like when you’re bad, Liza responds with a naughty smile. Tony eagerly pulls off her top and bra and begins sucking and kissing her boobs and licking and nibbling on her nipples and large areolae. Tony has Liza all hot and bothered and she rips his pants off and goes to work on his throbbing hard cock. She also gives him one of the most-epic tit-tugs you’ll ever see as she makes Tony’s huge cock disappear in between her massive tits. Tony returns the favor by laying her down, spreading her pussy and devouring her dripping-wet pussy. Liza’s pussy is ready for Tony’s cock now. He stuffs it inside her cunt and Liza lets out a moan. As she fondles her tits, Tony slides in and out of her and then leans over to give her left boob a nice, hard suck. Liza then hops on top for a doggystyle fuck and her ass and tits look amazing as they bounce to the rhythm of her fucking. You think you’re ready? Tony asks as they change positions. I think I’m ready, Liza responds. Get in that ass. Yeah, it’s the moment we’ve been waiting for. Liza’s getting fucked in her ass. Liza turns around and Tony stuffs his meat into her ass doggystyle. Spank my ass, Liza moans as Tony fucks her face down, ass up. She flips over and Tony fucks her ass missionary as Liza begs for his jizz. Cum on my tits! Liza demands. Tony holds out for as long as he can before pulling out and glazing those perfect mams with his man-gravy.

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