Let Me Help You With Your Shoes

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It’s funny how opportunities arise when you least expect them. I was hauling a bunch of my shoes out in a bag so I could donate them to a charity when the bag broke open and my shoes came tumbling out all over the sidewalk. But then, my neighbor stepped in to rescue me and helped me carry everything back inside. Curiously, he seemed really interested in my shoes. And that’s when it hit me…it was more than him just being helpful. That horny pervert wanted to stick his cock in my shoes and my pussy. I let him come on to me. After all, I love it when men play with the bottoms of my feet. They’re really sensitive. And cum always makes them feel so soft and silky smooth. So you see, opportunity came knocking and I opened the door and my pussy for it. You know what they say, out with the old and in with the new cock!


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