Kim Velez & Her Teeny Green Bikini

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Sweet Kim Velez. Always looking sweet and innocent. The word tattooed on her neck is Inmarcesible which means unfading. Kim got that tat in 2021. By her left hip, Fuck me, Love me. That’s a new tat since we last photographed the Voluptuous beauty in 2022. Have her big, beautifully shaped tits gotten bigger? They look like she’s added an inch or two. Her saucer-plate areolas also seem bigger but this could be the hallucinations of our breast-obsessed minds. Her bikini top barely covers her areolas. They still peek out at the sides. We asked Kim to wear a bikini for this outdoor shoot. The breast soaping and showering was her idea. Showering with her high heels on may set a new trend. It’s hard to go unnoticed when I am out of the house. Everybody is looking at my tits. But I feel sexy. I love to show them off. It can be difficult to find clothes that fit. Especially bras. Usually when I bend over, my breasts come out of my bra. When I’m gonna pick up something, they fall out of the bra.

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