Kim Anh’s Happy Endings Spa

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What do you do when you go to an Asian massage parlor and the masseuse offers you a happy ending without you even asking for one? You roll with it, that’s what you do, especially if the masseuse is a horny 62-year-old GILF like Kim Anh. I’m excited, Carlos says when Kim greets him. I’ve heard great things about this place. Hmmmm…we wonder how much he’s actually heard. Has he heard about Kim’s special massage techniques? Maybe. Please make yourself comfortable, Kim says, and I will absolutely take care of you. She manipulates him. She walks her thumbs up his body. Working becomes caressing. I’m here to service you, Kim says. Which part of your body needs attention the most? Now, give Carlos credit for being a gentleman. He makes no mention of his cock and balls. He mentions his quads and thighs. Kim says she’ll work on his quads and thighs. She also makes no mention of his cock and balls. But while Carlos’s eyes are closed, Kim takes off her top. She’s wearing a sexy bra that her nipples poke through. She takes off her bra. Now her tits are out. I’m very comfortable, he says. So is she, and when he opens his eyes, he can’t believe how comfortable Kim has made herself. Kim takes off the rest of her clothes, mounts Carlos and pours oil all over her body and his. She jacks his cock. It’s the oiliest jack you’ve ever seen. She slides his cock into her pussy, and now things are getting really messy. She sucks the oil and her pussy juices off his cock, and now the juices are really flying. How will Carlos achieve his happy ending? We’re going to keep that part secret.

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