Kailani measures 46-32-46. The BBC measures 10

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This scene opens with a brief interview. There are two great things about it: 1. We get to hear 46-year-old Kailani Kai’s sweet voice. 2. While she’s being interviewed, she’s wearing a top that shows about 95% of her big tits. Kailani seems so comfortable wearing this top, even though if she wore it out in public, cars would be driving into poles. This is a woman who is used to showing off her body, right? Well, sometimes. Kailani describes her style of dress as sexy but conservative. What she’s wearing here is definitely not conservative. Kailani says she found us while she was searching the Web and came across an ad and thought, ‘That might be fun to do.’ She also says the wildest thing she’s ever done was fuck in a movie theater. She and her date were sitting in the back row. She took out his dick and sat on it. I liked it, she says. This divorcee and mom from Hawaii (now living in California) definitely likes what she’s doing here: sucking and fucking a big, black cock and eating cum. But before she does that, she puts on a show for us. She jiggles her big tits. Then she drops those tight tights she’s wearing and jiggles her big ass. How much do we love a big-titted, big-assed MILF? Let us count the ways. Kailani has sex as often as possible. She likes a lot of foreplay. Does eating pussy and sucking cock count as foreplay? She’s been a flight attendant and a real estate agent, both jobs that seem to attract sexy women. Kailani measures 46-32-46. You just gotta love that!

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