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Jax is working in the garage when 47-year-old Sherry shows up with a glass of water. And her big tits and short shorts. She wants to thank Jax for helping her husband fix his motor. She’s going to get Jax’s motor revving, alright. You see, Sherry tells Jax that her husband doesn’t seem interested in her. He’s not going to be home for a while, and a woman has her needs, Sherry says as she starts touching Jax in a very seductive way. She needs his big, black cock in her mouth and pussy. She needs his cum in her mouth. Sherry really knows how to suck cock, as some members have pointed out. She goes deep on Jax’s member and relishes every inch she takes down her throat. When the action moves from the garage to the living room, Sherry fucks him every which way on a couch, and we get great views of her bouncing tits and BBC-stuffed pussy. Sherry, by the way, is a mother and grandmother, which is always nice to keep in mind. And isn’t it great when a mom and grandma has big, fake tits? Sherry’s are DDD-cups. Sherry says she gets off on penetration with clitoral stimulation and dirty talk. Sherry can talk the talk, too. The mouth on her…it alone could get you off. In New York City, I took on five guys to see if I could, she said. She could. She’s into anal sex. She’s into women. She’s into public sex. Is there anything she isn’t into? I haven’t found it yet, she said. We’re guessing she never will.


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