It’s All-Anal Day for Agatha Delicious. She does ATM, too

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Agatha Delicious, a 42-year-old hottie from New Mexico, is teaching James about female anatomy. She’s drawing pictures of tits, pussy and ass for him and telling him what you can stick in a woman’s ass. James’ cock is going to end up in Agatha’s horny asshole, but first, it’s going to find its way into her mouth. Agatha has excellent deep-throating skills. And next, the cock is going to go into her pussy, right? Wrong! It’s All-Anal Day for Miss Delicious, and as a bonus, Agatha is going to engage in a little ass-to-mouth action, and after he cums on her ass, she’s going to do it again, making sure she gets every drop of cum from his dick. PornMegaLoad: Are you into any fetishes? Agatha: Too many. I suppose a couple of odd ones are men in masks and historical porn. Imagining a person from another era and mindset in a sexual scenario fascinates me. PornMegaLoad: What are your sexual fantasies? Agatha: I like role play and fantasy, but it can be silly and fun. Not super serious. People sometimes take kink and BDSM too seriously. None of it is real to me. Just play. I tend to have a pretty twisted sense of humor, too, and will just leave it at that, but nothing is super serious to me. PornMegaLoad: What sexually satisfies you best? Agatha: With men, touching and caressing their bodies while fucking. With myself, a vibrator. With girls, touching her, pleasuring her, feeling her body. PornMegaLoad: How about sex with younger men, like James? Do you do that a lot? Agatha: All the time actually. And they are always so sweet and adorable. But I like older men also. I like quality men, so age does not matter much to me. Composure and character do. PornMegaLoad: Do you like to be watched while you’re having sex? Agatha: It depends on who’s watching!

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