Helena Hope: Red-haired Barbie

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It’s an event when Helena Hope walks into her bedroom. A bed is not just for sleeping for Helena. SCORELAND: Helena, do you watch porn? Helena Hope: I do, but for me, it’s less about the guys and more about the women. I like to watch their reactions. SCORELAND: Are you bi? Helena Hope: Yes. SCORELAND: Do you like busty women? Helena Hope: I like women that I can picture myself in their shoes, so, yes, the thicker girls with the big boobs. SCORELAND: Daphne Rosen. Helena Hope: Yes! Everyone tells me that I remind them of her. I think it’s the bottom of my face and the boobs. I didn’t know who she was, but I looked her up. SCORELAND: What happens when you meet someone you haven’t seen in a long time? Helena Hope: That hasn’t happened recently, but it’s kinda interesting that you bring that up. I had someone who I was really good friends with in high school and we kinda lost contact. I have a light in my studio in my house that says Helena Hope, and before I could even bring up the conversation of what I was doing, he said, Bullshit. No way. Because I used to be so introverted.

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