Helena Hope: Bikini Summer

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Why can’t every summer be a bikini summer? It is when SCORE Girls visit and bring their bikinis to the pool. Helena Hope packed her bag with bikinis and models her selection here. She completes her bikini bash by fingering her pretty pussy. I had worked for years in the medical community but I realized that this is absolutely my calling, Helena said. I love sharing my sexual desires and expanding my brand. I’m proud of my boobs and I’m not ashamed to put them on display. To be honest, if a top doesn’t showcase them, I don’t want to wear it. SCORELAND: Tit-fucking…do you like it? Helena: I do. It’s a little complicated because my boobs are so big. You have to have a pretty big dick to be successful with that. There’s so much volume. I can stick cups in my cleavage, walk around with coffee cups in there to keep myself warm during the wintertime. SCORELAND: What do think is the perfect-sized cock for your cleavage? Helena: I’d say eight inches. Then there’s still some cock sticking out at the top. SCORELAND: Do you lick it at the top? Helena: Yes. SCORELAND: What do you like about tit-fucking? Helena: All the attention on the boobs. It’s kinda my thing.

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