Cum for Karma

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SPOILER ALERT! Karma Karson, a 46-year-old divorcee from Las Vegas, is not a cum dodger. That becomes obvious when Jovan Jordan shoots a giant load (this guy empties his balls and then some, as if he’d been saving up for weeks) all over Karma’s face. It gets in her hair. It gets in her eyes. It drips from her nose and chin. But Karma doesn’t duck. She opens her mouth for more cum. By the time this scene fades to black, Karma is glazed. Glad you liked her, Jovan. And you’re welcome. In this scene, Karma is a realtor. She’s showing Jovan an apartment in Miami Beach. He likes the view, but the view is better down the front of her jacket, as he notices very quickly. Karma takes him upstairs to see the bedroom. See anything you like? she asks as she sits on the bed and starts to unbutton her jacket. This might not be a great way to sell houses, but it’s a great way to get laid. Karma has two grown children. She’s a webcam model. We asked her about her kinkiest sexual encounter, and she said, This trip to Miami. Yep. Fucking on-camera for all the world to see is not something a person does every day.

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