Chicago cutie pie shows off her caramel-cream nips and tight and wet slit during a masturbation toy show

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Adessa is a Chi-town hotty with what she thinks are, perfect boobs. Why does she think that they’re perfect? Because people keep telling her that. I’m totally an exhibitionist, she told us. And whenever I walk around with my tits out, guys are always coming up to me and giving me compliments. And if they ask nicely, I’ll let them have a squeeze. It’s exciting for me to have strangers playing with my titties. After little outings like that, I’ll go home and rub my pussy. I get so worked up, it’s easy for me to cum. Here are some of Adessa’s stats. She’s 20, stands 5’3 tall and weighs 100 pounds. She says that she’s got 32DD-cup tits, but we think she’s exaggerating a little bit. Every once in a while, you can hear her Chicago accent come out, which is cute. She’s not into sports, but she does enjoy burning calories in the bedroom! She wants to try roleplaying as a dominatrix but she hasn’t done that before. Oh, and she loves her collection of panties. She especially likes thongs and boyshorts.

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