Cheating Girlfriend Danica Danali Seeks BBC

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Danica Danali’s boyfriend is out of town. She needs a lamp repaired, so she calls Jonni Mamba to come fix it. As long as Jonni’s there, he can also fuck Danica and squirt cum on her tits, free of charge. He likes those giant jugs and Danica’s a woman who appreciates a good dick-down. No job is too small or tits too big is Jonni’s business philosophy. If any of Danica’s lady-friends with out-of-town boyfriends or husbands have broken appliances, he’s available. Danica started out as an amateur model. XLGirls was her first pro shoot. It just seemed like a natural progression, she said. I started modeling in lingerie and it slowly progressed from there. And I enjoy it. I like everything about it. I like the experience. I like the people. I really like the results. Danica worked at a strip club for a short time. I started off as a waitress and then I tried dancing. But I can’t dance for anything, so I went back to waitressing. Girls ask me all the time if they’re real, and I tell them yes. And then they ask me if they can touch them, so they feel me all on the top of my boobs and push down to see if I have implants. Oh, and at the lingerie store I shop at, I get that a lot. The ladies who work there ask me about my boobs all the time. I only worked at the strip club for three weeks. But for the two nights I danced, I think I brought home $500 each night. There were so many crazy things going on. There was one guy who would come every Thursday and the girls would flock to his VIP table. I had no idea, but they were all getting him off under the table. There was a guy who, even though I was only waitressing, would always ask me for a lap dance, and he would come in two or three times a week. I was allowed to do that, so I would for him.

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