Beauty, Booty & Big Boobs

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SCORE: You notice a guy checking you out. You find him attractive, so what happens next? Sheridan: Guy or girl, I will be direct just like I expect people to be when they want to meet me. I make my intentions very clear. No games. Always man-up and just come over and say hi. Don’t send me a drink or send a friend over. That doesn’t look confident, and lack of confidence isn’t a desirable trait. SCORE: We’re grateful you don’t wear baggy clothing. Sheridan: Normally not. Unless it’s see-through, because then they can still see that you’re thin. I like to go for sheer and see-through. I dress sexy when I go out, with lots of cleavage-revealing or see-through tops. I like going out shopping for something sexy to wear and seeing the reactions I get. SCORE: What types of outfits make you feel very sexy? Sheridan: Sexy costumes, lingerie and stilettos. Not always slutty per se. Sometimes I like the formal but sexy look. SCORE: Your biggest assets are? Sheridan: My creative, artistic side. Physically, my big boobs, my ass and my little waist. I love my hourglass figure!


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