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You guys are in for a treat. We checked Madison’s ID twice. Our photographer on the West Coast shot these pictures two days after Madison turned 18. That’s about as young as you can get! I knew that I wanted to shoot naked pictures as soon as I legally could, Madison told us. Thank you for making my dream come true! I remember swallowing cum for the first time because I thought, ‘why don’t other girls like this? I love it!’ I like to hold the jizz in my mouth for a second before I swallow so that I can savor the taste. I like masturbating, but I don’t do it all the time, Madison told us. Usually, on the nights that I do, I take the time to make myself comfortable. There’s nothing like a warm lavender bath and an orgasm! Of course, I’d rather have a guy there with me. I’d ride him in the tub because that’s the only position where I can get off. I haven’t done it in the tub with anybody yet, but I did once fuck my boyfriend in a public lake in Georgia! I was playing with his dick, and he slid it inside me while we were swimming.

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