All Eyes On Selena Adams

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Selena Adams describes herself as an Internet Voyeur & Professional Nudist. She’s well-connected, creative, ultra-sexy and, as she says, has All eyes on me. We describe her at SCORELAND as a total beauty with an unbelievable body, great, big tits and a shapely booty fit for the gods. It seems only right that she lives in Miami. Her friend Korina Kova gave Selena the good word about us. I love to flaunt my breasts, Selena said. I wear tops that show a lot of cleavage. I wear sports bras to sleep so they don’t get in my way. In this scene, Selena wears a tight dress and tight top that can only be described as traffic-stopping. She slips them off to twerk her boobs and ass. Yes, Selena is a boob twerker. She calls it titty twerking. Coming or going, the view of Selena is super-spectacular. Once Selena gets totally naked, she bounces into bed with two of her toys and cums hard. Selena waves bye-bye but we’ll be seeing her again for sure.

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