Alby gets DP’d, the video

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Alby Daor, a petite wife and mom, climbs into bed wearing tiny, pink lingerie. There are two guys in the bed with her, and they can’t believe how great her body is. She’s showing off her ass because that’s where she wants to be fucked. It’s a preview of things to cum. I have these two young studs, and this is my first DP on-camera, Alby says. And then she gets right to the action because that’s what she’s here for. Not to have a conversation. Not to tell us all about herself. To fuck. To get DP’d by two young, hung porn studs, one black, one white. They do her right, and when they can’t hold back any longer, they give Alby’s face a good glazing. And we mean good. By the time this scene is over, cum is dripping off Alby’s pretty face. We asked Alby what she does to make her man happy, and she said, I do everything I can for him at all times and do whatever he asks of me, no matter what or where. He has trained me well, and I am rewarded by him fulfilling all of my desires. Like, for example, allowing her to come to to get DP’d…while he watches, by the way. This isn’t really a cuckold scene because we never see or hear Alby’s husband, but he was there, sitting only a few feet away. We asked Alby what she would do if time were frozen for 24 hours, and she said, I would spend it in my master suite with my man, drinking champagne, eating strawberrys, chocolate and pizza and having a 24-hour sex session. I would give him multiple blow jobs and climax as many times as possible. She doesn’t need time to be frozen to do that.


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