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When 58-year-old Cammille Austin was married to her first husband, she was the typical wife. I didn’t have a life out of work or my kids, this wife, mother and grandmother from Arkansas said. All that changed when Cammille got divorced and met her second husband, and the best example of how much changed is the story of her wedding night. We had a lot of company, Cammille said. We had friends. Eight different friends. They weren’t sitting around drinking and talking. They were filling Cammille’s mouth, pussy and asshole with their big, black cocks and cumming all over her. It was pre-arranged. That was my fantasy of a wedding night, and my husband set it up. We had the wedding ceremony, had wedding cake, we drank and then we had sex. All of us. I was the only girl there. Of course she was. You don’t need another woman when a busty, multi-pierced MILF like Cammille is around. It went on forever. It was what I had dreamed of. I love having sex with black guys, so they fucked me one right after another, sometimes two at a time, three at a time. DP. My mouth, my ass, my pussy. Her husband got to fuck her afterward. He had to wait. I wanted to have my fantasy then he got to have me for the rest of the night. Here, Jax gets to have her. He fucks all of Cammille’s horny holes with his big, black cock. By the way, Cammille’s husband was standing just a few feet away and watching. He got to fuck her later, and we have a feeling Cammille didn’t bother to wash off the cum.

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